Directional Drilling

Horizon Energy has over 30 years of combined directional drilling experience. They are some of the most technically sound directional personnel in the industry.

Measurement While Drilling

Reliable, high temperature rated (302°F, 150°C, optional 347°F, 175°C) positive pulse Rotary Pulsar retrievable APS MWD tool.

Gamma Ray

The scintillation detector design provides a highly reliable measurement.

Wave Propagation Resistivity

a compensated, dual frequency, dual spacing device designed for Logging-While-Drilling & Measurement-While-Drilling services.

Higher Level LWD Services (triple-combo)

For higher level LWD services Horizon Energy Services can partner with other service companies that provide them.

Bid Request

To request a bid for our services, please complete this form and we will contact you with a response.

Drilling Systems

Equipped with strong understanding and high proficiencies in the modern standard of the oil field practices.

Drilling Services

This service encompasses the entire spectrum of optimal well construction and on-time delivery.

Innovation Central

The challenges of today’s energy projects have continuously necessitated not only the deployment of rapidly evolving technologies as the backbone of ensuring optimal energy exploration and production process, but also to proffer customized solutions tailored to the needs of every unique instance.

Horizon Energy is continously driving cutting edge initiatives that guarantees delivering best in class solutions.

We are strongly committed to creating value for the oil and gas industry by engineering optimal oilfield solutions. Our commitment in maintaining high service quality standards and guaranteeing safe workplace for our personnel and equipment is reflected in the superior profits our clients and partners would continue to enjoy.