Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling


Universal Horizon Energy has over 30 years of combined directional drilling experience. They are some of the most technically sound directional personnel in the industry with experience gained while drilling under some of the most challenging conditions in the industry.

Mud Motors (Steerable Downhole PDMs)

Universal Horizon Energy utilizes high-quality vendors to support our operations thus ensuring our clients receive the service quality they demand. We match the drilling motor to both the bit and prod2formation type to optimize your drilling operation. Universal Horizon Energy Solutions can provide whatever power section best fits your particular need.

Rotary Steerable

As a progressive company we are, committed to offering the latest and best technology. To fulfill this commitment we are in negotiations to purchase a cost effective Rotary Steerable Tool. That will pair with our reliable MWD service. In the interim we are also negotiating with third party rotary steerable providers to support us in providing this service for our clients.

With Universal Horizon Energy Services directional and drilling services, your operation will be cost and time efficient – with higher return on your investment.