Measurement While Drilling (3.5 in, 89 mm to 9.5 in, 241 mm)

Universal Horizon Energy uses an APS MWD system. It is a reliable, high temperature rated (302F, 150C, logoptional 347F, 175C) positive pulse, Rotary Pulsar retrievable MWD tool. The system is based on industry standards, and provides down-hole data such as tool-face, API gamma ray, temperature, and shock. This
data is displayed in real time at surface, which allows our clients and directional drillers to make informed decisions about the condition of the well. Universal Horizon Energy provide two MWD engineers on site when your project requires MWD services. But, existing APS MWD customers have been able to cross train directional drilling personnel to also operate the MWD (including gamma) resulting in considerable savings in personnel costs for both the client. When Universal Horizon Energy engineers are on site they will maintain the MWD tool and the data collected. An array of software is used to display the progress of the well toward the target zone, and provide frequent reports to the client’s office.

Gamma Ray

The scintillation detector design provides a highly reliable measurement and has been developed to
mwd1-1305offwithstand the high levels of shock and vibration usually encountered during drilling operations. The natural gamma ray system module is an add-on to our MWD system is capable of transmitting real-time formation gamma ray information to surface for correlation and geo-steering. It also stores high resolution data down-hole for later download at surface. It is calibrated against the API standard so that the log can be compared directly with wire-line gamma logs. Data can be exported in standard industry formats (WITS and LAS).

Wave Propagation Resistivity (WPR)

The Wave Propagation Resistivity (WPR) tool is a compensated, dual frequency (400 KHz and 2 MHz), wavedual spacing device designed for Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) and Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) services in all well types. Applications include geo-steering, correlation, pore pressure trend analysis, casing point selection, wireline replacement, logging while tripping and logging with and without the flow switch enabled for underbalanced drilling with air and foam. Our WPR operates in all mud types including oil based and salt saturated and provides real-time resistivity with flexible transmission formats. High resolution data is stored in down-hole memory which can be retrieved and processed during trips.

Higher Level LWD Services (triple-combo)

For higher level LWD services Universal Horizon Energy Services can partner with other service companies that provide them. We are dedicated to offering our clients the best services at the best value in the industry.