TurnKey Services

We provide basic and detailed screening and engineering to help select and quantify the benefits of our technology for your wells.

Universal Horizon Energy Services provides turnkey services for domestic and international drilling.

Turnkey drilling services offer a viable method for operators to better manage drilling risks and reduce costs. We offer drilling management contractor services for complete field development programs.
IMG_0529-e1425613814598The turnkey drilling remains the best option of delivering wells for costs that are well under the operator’s AFE (authority for expenditure) – especially from our preferred perspective of low-margin, high volume.The drilling management services

The drilling management services involves moving beyond merely providing a well or a completion for a fixed price. It means working with an operator and other service companies to provide a range of services for complete field development, from drilling and completion to facilities design, installation, and field management through depletion.

Our vast experience in managing onshore drilling activities, associated with an adequate technological and operational level, have progressively developed the Company’s strong capabilities. Over many decades of performance, our clients satisfaction and our people, in particular their health and safety, are the primary focus of our activity. Whenever possible, we seek to maximize “local content” on a project, by developing joint ventures with qualified local companies and by training personnel from IMG_0798-e1425614032196around the world in the business of drilling and well control technology. Our turnkey services guarantees to be cost and time efficient since we bundle our contract drilling with the various drilling services.

In addition to managing drilling projects for operators on a time and material basis, we also offers this same service on a turnkey basis. Wells can be permitted, planned, drilled, evaluated and completed to our clients’ specifications for a single lump sum price.

We drill turnkey Surface Hole wells up to 18 inches in size and 6000 ft in depth. Our prices normally includes Casing, Cementing, Site Preparation and MWD Surveying (inclination & azimuth) + Directional Drilling (if needed)

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customer and offer a complete package, from engineering to operations.We drill wells on turnkey, footage and daywork basis and specialize in drilling for independent operators. We build long lasting relationships with our customers through stellar performance and an emphasis on safety.